ZirconBlue has two pricing plans designed to suit companies of any size. One of the key benefits of ZEDI is that you can switch between plans at any time you choose.

The first plan is much like Microsoft Azure, where you pay for what you use. This involves a very low monthly subscription plus a modest charge for each file processed and the amount of storage used. It’s particularly well suited to businesses that need to process relatively low numbers of transactions and don’t want to be hampered by high subscription and licence costs.

Within ZEDI, a “file” is not the same as a “document”. Many cloud-based EDI systems base their charges on documents, and a file can contain multiple documents. For example, an EDI or XML file might contain 1 order or 50 orders, but the cost of processing with ZEDI would be the same. Other systems would charge you 50 times the amount for the file that contains 50 orders.

The other option is a fixed subscription. With this, there would be no additional charges based on how much work you need ZEDI to do and the amount of storage you use. This is particularly well suited to businesses who need to process larger numbers of files or need to budget their expenditure consistently.

ZirconBlue firmly believes in fair play when dealing with its customers, so the fixed subscription charges are regularly reviewed. If, as your use of ZEDI evolves, the monthly subscription is found to have been set too high or too low, we’ll discuss it with you. We’ll either suggest a more appropriate monthly rate or make recommendations on how you can control your costs with more efficient processing or by reducing your storage use by implementing housekeeping rules.

In both pricing plans, your business would not be tied into a long-term contract. You are billed monthly in arrears, and if events outside your control mean that you need to cancel your contract, only 30 days notice needs to be given.

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