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Steve Lamb - Professional Services Director
Mark Lancaster - Technical Director
Steve Lamb - Professional Services Director

Steve has worked in EDI Integration sector for 29 years, covering all areas of the supply chain and a wide variety of EDI Standards including TRADACOMS, EDIFACT and ANSI X12.

He has worked as an EDI specialist for Qiva UK Ltd, CP Ships, Samsung, Parker Hanninfin and Oxford University Press.

Steve is also ITIL V3 and ISO-20000 certified.

Steve has developed and implemented EDI trading relationships across the supply chain with companies that include Amazon, Waterstones and Currie European Transport, Space Cargo and Hewlett Packard.

Steve was part of the team that designed the RossettaNet XML business processing messages for companies within the Computer Technologies Industry and a member of COMPTIA.

He has over 10 years’ experience of using XML and over 4 years practical knowledge using XSLT  in the development of mappings.

He has extensive experience of implementing supplier and customer role outs for companies, as well as the integration of EDI data into and out of a variety of ERP systems including SAP, Maginus, SAGE and CargoWise.

One of Steve’s main strengths is his commitment to high levels of customer service, by properly understanding the customer’s needs and ensuring that the end result performs at a level that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Mark Lancaster - Technical Director

Mark has specialized in EDI and its related technologies since the early 1990s, designing and developing numerous EDI systems running on various platforms.

The systems he produced have been, and continue to be, used by many well known blue-chip companies throughout the world.

His latest product, ZEDI, takes EDI to the next level in terms of functionality and performance.

Mark has always believed that good software can only be produced by keeping in close contact with the people who actually use it, “they are absolutely the best source of ideas for product enhancements and new functionality” he’s often heard to say.

This close contact also allowed Mark to earn a reputation for outstanding customer service from the customers who use his software. He’s always believed that a customer with a serious technical issue trumps everything, and will sideline all other activities until an issue has been fully resolved.

Mark ensured that this attitude became a key part of ZirconBlue’s ethos. Any software product, regardless of how technically sophisticated it is, demands excellent technical support in order to remain useful. Mark sees it as his personal mission to guarantee that this happens.

Mark has extensive practical experience of a wide variety of technologies, most recently ASP.NET, SQL, XSLT and XML as well as much older technologies like RPG/400 and DDS. He’s also designed and developed software that implement modern communications protocols including AS2, OFTP2, Web Services and RESTful APIs, so he has a strong understanding of how they work.

Over the years, Mark has implemented interfaces involving a wide variety of business systems on behalf of his clients. These include systems like SAP, CargoWise, Amazon MWS, Maginus and Sage.

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