Partner Self-Service

If you are already responsible for an EDI system then you’ll know that a lot of routine queries come from your trading partners. Questions like “Did the order file I sent at 04:30 this morning reach you successfully?” and “Did you send me an ASN for order number xxxxxx?”.

Answering these questions manually disrupts your working day unnecessarily, which is why ZEDI includes a self-service facility for your trading partners. Essentially it allows your customers and suppliers to find the answers to these questions without disturbing you.

Within ZEDI, you can create a login for a “Partner” type user. When that user logs on, they see a cut-down version of what you would see when you log-on.

. They only see transactions that belong to them.
. They cannot access any of the configuration functions.
. They cannot change anything within ZEDI.

What they can do is verify that the files they sent to you arrived, and were processed successfully. They can also perform searches to locate and view transactions that you have sent to them.

Once they’ve found the transaction they’re interested in, they can also download a copy of it. This is particularly useful when there is a problem at their end that’s preventing the files from getting through in the normal way.

Making good use of partner self-service allows you to focus more on what you need to be doing, rather than answering questions that can be easily avoided.

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