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Who is it for?

ZEDI is for any size of organisation, from a small farmer up to a multinational, working in any industry such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, financial services, scientific etc. which needs to import and export transactions in any machine-readable format.

Here’s what ZEDI users are saying:

How is ZEDI different?

If you are currently doing EDI ‘in-house’ you will probably find that although you can see and control everything, you are also responsible for everything.

Outsourcing EDI can reduce your responsibility but you can only see and control what you have permission for, and projects get delivered to your provider’s timescales.

ZEDI is different because you can see everything, control everything and let your provider do what your business wants them to.

Who does what

That is the simplicity of ZEDI, you can do as much or as little as you like because you can share responsibility. If your provider doesn’t meet your needs, simply switch to another.

Your service provider is responsible for running and maintaining your ZEDI server.  They can also create maps, setup trading partners, establish communications etc.

Your responsibility40%

You do what you’re comfortable with, and let your provider do the rest.

Unrivalled Functionality

  • Action-based approach for maximum flexibility and control

  • Full archiving with flexible search functions

  • User-defined tables that can be maintained in three ways

  • Register functions to provide a more business-focussed view of the transactions

  • On-line transaction processing options for your trading partners

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Designed for today’s needs, with an eye on the future

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